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Effective Job Search Strategies

Job searching cannot be done effectively unless you have the right skills and strategies. While resumes, cover letters and effective communication are extremely important in the job search process, researching effective job search strategies can be equally important.

Preparing an awesome resume will not help you land a job if you do not know how to find employers who are interested in your skills and qualifications.

There are three major factors to developing job search skills and strategies:

  • Determine which job search strategies are effective for you. Should your focus your energy online, at an employment agency or by networking?
  • Learn how to market yourself. You need to be able to sell yourself both verbally and in written form.
  • Learn skills needed to interview successfully. The interview process can make or break your chances for getting the position. Review effective ways to handle difficult issues such as salary issues or undesirable job offers.

Being prepared is the most important part of searching for a job. Learning the right skills and developing effective strategies will make your job search easier and more successful.

Finding a Career Path If you are just beginning college or making a drastic career change, you should define a career path to help you achieve your career goals.

Assess Your Interests
Think about what you enjoy and what you are good at doing. Take career aptitude tests to determine if you have the kind of personality and values necessary to meet your career goal.

Research Jobs and Company
Look into occupations in your career area of choice. Decide if the job outlook, salary and working conditions will meet your needs. Narrow your focus onto one or two specific jobs in your chosen career field.

Set a Career Goal
Research the kind of training, skills and education necessary to achieve your goal. Write down the clear steps on how you will pursue your career goal.

Select a School or Training Program
Find a university, college, trade school or training program that will help you prepare for your career goal and occupation of choice.

Attend Classes
Complete your course work or degree. While in school, take part-time jobs or internships in the career that interests you.

Begin Your Job Hunt
Shortly before you graduate, prepare your resume and get career advice. Talk to a counselor at your career guidance centre for help with resume writing tips, job searching and interview tips and techniques.