Panel Interview Tips

Being submitted to a panel interview can be quite nerve-racking, which is why we’ve prepared these Panel Interview Tips to help you make an impact and get through the interview with flying colours. 

A panel interview or committee interview is an interview where you are meeting with one or more people representing the company you have applied with. Typically you could meet with several people in a conference room type setting. 

One advantage of a panel interview is that they can be less time consuming and will give you a chance to see how the office staff interact with each other. A disadvantage to the panel interview is that it may be more stressful and intimidating for an applicant to have a group of people questioning them.
Panel interviews are thought to be advantageous to the company involved as several people will be able to meet the applicant and witness their responses and behaviours at the same time. This can help them make an accurate decision and assessment.
Follow these group interview tips when being interviewing by a panel or committee:

  • Prepare yourself the same way you would with an individual interview.  
  • While in the interview be sure to answer the person who asked the specific question, whilst periodically keeping eye contact with each panel member.  
  • It is good idea to memorise your resume so you can quickly reference your experience and job history when needed.  
  • Body language and behaviour is very important during panel interviews.  
  • Take note of each panel member’s name so you can address them later.  
  • You should come prepared to ask the panel members some questions after your interview.  
  • As a follow-up send each panel member a thank-you letter after the interview.  

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