Sample Thank You Letter Tool

As soon as possible after a job interview, you should make an effort to sender the interviewer a thank you letter, as this shows your professionalism and that you are keen to get the job. You will also stand out and be remembered above other candidates. 

Use the following sample thank you letter tool as a guide to writing a thank you letter: 

Your name
Mailing address
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Email address

Today’s date

Your addressee’s name
Professional title
Organisation name
Mailing address
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Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms last name,

In the first paragraph, thank the interviewer (express your appreciation) for the chance to meet with them to discuss the job and see the premises (use the term "meeting" rather than "interview" if it seems appropriate). Make some reference to your positive impressions of the company and the position you interviewed for.

In the second paragraph, repeat the job title you are applying for, and show continued interest in it. Offer some new information or additional reason for the employer to be interested in you for the job. Repeat the job title you are applying for, and show continued interest in it.

In the last paragraph, let the employer know that you are looking look forward to hearing from them again. Let the interviewer know they can call you for any additional information or follow up that is needed. Also, let them know you are willing to come in and discuss the job further, if necessary.

Sincerely yours,


Your handwritten signature
Your name (typed)


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