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Kelly Services urges businesses to prepare for a rise in free agents in the workforce by developing strategies to leverage the talent

July 25, 2012

Kelly Services, a world leading provider of workforce solutions, is urging businesses to prepare for a rise in free agents in the workforce and develop strategies to leverage the talent and versatility they offer.

Karen Colfer, managing director, Kelly Services Australia, said, “Recent economic realities, coupled with employees looking for more flexible and engaging work, has led to a significant shift from traditional employment relationships toward flexible “free agent” options such as microwork, independent contracting, temporary and project work and entrepreneurship.

“Today’s leading workforce strategies centre on an organisation’s ability to access the best talent when and where they need it, in a fast and flexible manner. In an uncertain future, it is clear that the companies with the strongest workforce will be those that adapt to the changing trends and consider a wide range of workers to meet their needs.

“Smart employers will develop a talent strategy and work environment that takes full advantage of the versatility offered by the free agent workforce.”

Free agent workers choose their workstyle because they value its freedom, flexibility, and entrepreneurial benefits. The workstyle gives them more control over their career and offers them more opportunities to build their skills. It also affords greater control over their career path, providing more opportunities to build their skills through diverse work projects and assignments.

Colfer said, “When it comes to choosing work assignments, free agents are attracted to the work environment and role flexibility first. They choose assignments primarily on the type of work they will be performing, their interest in it and the structure within which they all operate.”

Kelly Services offers employers advice on how to adapt to the free agent workstyle trend:
* open your thinking to new employment models
* make an effort to understand the personal needs of your candidates – then be flexible enough in your structure to accommodate top talent wherever possible
* work to create a more defined work process, breaking roles into smaller work deliverables that can be easily outsourced, rearranged within a team and managed
* re-educate managers on changing worker needs, perceptions and expectations.

Kelly Services offer employers advice to capitalise on the free agent workstyle trend:
* gain visibility into all free agents working within your organisation
* evaluate departments, positions and projects within their companies to see how they could benefit from free agent talent
* develop flexible options for current employees
* ensure workforce solution partners to ensure that they are experts in the free agent population.

Colfer said, “There is no doubt that the free agent workforce in Australia will continue to grow and employers need to be prepared to not only adapt but have strategies in place to capitalise on a free agent workforce.”

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