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47 per cent of workers see switching jobs as the key to career growth

Latest findings from Kelly Global Workforce Index™

November 15, 2012

47 per cent of workers believe that to develop their skills and advance their careers, it is more important to change employers, than remain with their existing employer, according to the latest Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI).

The KGWI examines issues of job mobility and career progression as part of a shift to a more autonomous and empowered workforce. The survey reflects a changing attitude from workers, with more seeking to gain new experiences and skills with multiple employers. Nearly 170,000 people in 30 countries participated in the survey, including approximately 1,200 in Australia.

Despite economic uncertainty, 59 per cent of Australians say that if they did change jobs, they would be in a good position to negotiate a similar or better position.

Karen Colfer, managing director, Kelly Services Australia, said, “Kelly is seeing a shift in attitude on the part of employees who are increasingly embracing the idea of working for multiple employers as a way to gain a wider array of work experience while they develop their careers.”

The survey shows that the idea of a career-for-life with one employer is regarded as relevant by 32 per cent of workers. Those with professional and technical skills are less attracted to the career-for-life (28 per cent) than other workers (35 per cent).

Results of the survey in Australia also show:

  • 65 per cent say experience with multiple employers is an asset in their career development
  • 42 per cent admit that they actively look for new jobs, even when happy in their current ones
  • 27 per cent believe they will have the chance to progress or gain a promotion with their current employer
  • 50 per cent believe that their current employer is not realising their full potential.

Colfer said, “Employers face the reality that even happy workers are actively planning for the next step in their career. Many workers are seeing the advantages of wider employment experiences with a more diverse range of organisations.

“Employers need to consider ways to improve their development and promotional programs so that employees think twice before switching employers.”

About the Kelly Global Workforce Index™
The Kelly Global Workforce Index is an annual survey revealing opinions about work and the workplace from a generational viewpoint. Approximately 170,000 people from the Americas, APAC and EMEA participated in the survey. Results will be published throughout 2012 on a variety of topics such as employee retention, social media and the highly virtual workplace. Visit www.kellyservices.com to review findings on the current topic.