Future Scientist Award Testimonials

Students’ Testimonials 

I can genuinely say that my involvement with the Kelly Scientific Future Scientist Programme has been the single most productive endeavour I have undertaken as an undergraduate. Spending even just the shortest amount of time working with real people in a real workplace doing real chemistry is an experience that no number of hours in a university laboratory could ever match.

As a science student, I have always been apprehensive about what the future holds, and exactly what it means to be a practising scientist. My first-hand experience with Kelly Scientific has dashed all fears, replacing them with a new confidence in my ability to succeed once I graduate. Thanks to Kelly Scientific’s Future Scientist Programme I know I can step quickly and comfortably into industry once I complete my studies.

UWA Science Student

"The time at NMI was a really good learning experience.  I got placed in a section I don't come into contact with throughout my university studies and now have environmental chemistry as part of my knowledge base as well.  I also learnt instrument maintenance which will be beneficial when working alone for my honours project at the end of the year.  There was also the opportunity to make contacts within the industry in a reputable government laboratory."

University of Technology, Sydney

"I decided to become involved in the Future Scientist Program in order to gain work experience in industry. I have found the Program to be a rich and exciting learning experience, invaluable for a future career in industry."

Flinders University


Clients’ Testimonials 

“We have found the ‘Future Scientist Program’ to be of tremendous value to both our business and the students we have employed. As the students are still studying they come to us with a thirst for knowledge and an increased motivation level as they can appreciate the value of the experience on the future prospects. This leads to an excellent standard of work that satisfies our requirements and expands the scope of their work benefiting all.”

Adelaide Brighton Cement Ltd

“Having a relatively small team our laboratory lacks the size to support a full year internship so we approached KSR for the temporary part time alternative. As you can expect, trying to find high calibre candidates willing to work on a part time basis is extremely difficult particularly in today’s tight labour market conditions.

The team at KSR were able to assist by providing two interns to work one day per week. By doing so we were able to provide the much needed support to enable our Chemists to focus on meeting their project commitments.

All FSP candidates supplied in the program have been of a high standard.  This in turn has provided our staff with the peace of mind that they have the quality support needed to assist them in completing much of their routine analytical tasks, whilst given the opportunity to concentrate on their project needs.

I would highly recommend the program to any future employers in need of scientists to either supplement their existing workforce or to provide the resources and the flexibility for their staff to undertake essential project work. We would never have been able to complete our project commitments without the support of the FS program. “

AGR Matthey