Introducing the Future Scientist Award

Purpose of the Award

The Kelly Services Future Scientist Award recognises the achievements of budding scientists across Australia, highlighting their contributions to the scientific community and encouraging innovation and excellence in their endeavours. 

The Future Scientist Award is a nation-wide initiative from Kelly Services that takes graduate scientists and connects them with industry leaders, provides them with vital advice and coaching from our science recruitment specialists, and kick start their careers.

Go from graduate to employment by applying for the Future Scientist Award today! Applications close Tue 3 Oct.

Join our panel of industry leaders and help us find the future of science.

Hear from previous panellists on their experience with the Future Scientist Award.

  • Supporting scientists into industry
  • Increasing the awareness of KSR within the scientific community
  • Partnering with local Colleges and Universities
  • Offering exceptional help to our customers for a reasonable rate

Target audience

  • Colleges / Universities, Professors and Career Advisors
  • Science students looking for work during semester break or part time during the year
  • Science students on a sandwich course looking for a year internship
  • Local companies with scientific needs

Benefits to colleges

  • Gain a reputation for having well prepared students ready for industry
  • Increase awareness on industry needs through KSR and student feedback
  • Giving something back to the science community
  • Enhance collaboration between industry and academic research labs

Benefits to students

  • Give students the opportunity to gain hands on experience
  • Increase their marketability
  • Increases pay rate upon graduation
  • Begin industry networking
  • Work with leading scientists
  • Build your CV

Benefits to customers

  • Exceptional help at discounted rates
  • Enables companies access to top students who may return to the organisation upon graduation thus reducing their recruiting costs
  • Customisable to your company needs
  • Complete a special project
  • Bring new prospective to an old challenge
  • Begin a long-term recruiting strategy
  • “Preview” employees before you hire them
  • Increase company reputation on college/university campuses
  • Create a positive community image

Contact a Scientific Recruiter:

   02 9246 6000 or
Melbourne:   03 9204 4204 or
Perth:   08 9229 1888 or 
Adelaide:   08 8409 8821 or
Brisbane:   07 3405 3326 or