Sample Position Description


In today’s market, recruiting and retaining employees is more critical to business success than ever before. By being more strategic about recruiting and retention, you can work more effectively to save time and money by recruiting the right person the first time.

Selecting the best people starts with a comprehensive job description. A successful manager understands the type of skills and capabilities needed now and into the future. The position description is critical in helping you define the right skills and people best suited for the task at hand.


The position description is intended to help you articulate the skills and competencies you require for the job(s) at hand.

Access more information and obtain a copy of a sample position description in the Kelly Services HR / Recruitment Survival Kit.



Contents of the Recruitment kit include:

  1. Selecting Employees and Sample Position Description
  2. Effective Recruitment Strategies
  3. Interviewing Employees and Sample Interviewing Guide
  4. Tips for Reference Checking and suggested Reference Check Questions
  5. Managing Employees
  6. Staff Budgeting

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