Recruitment Kit

In today’s market, recruiting and retaining employees is more critical to business success than ever before. By being more strategic about recruiting and retention, you can work more effectively to save time and money by recruiting the right person the first time.

At Kelly Services we strive to offer the best possible service to our customers. When you have been practicing all facets of recruitment for 60 years you develop best in class methodologies and tools to help businesses recruit, assess, train and retain the best people.

Whether you have been in a management role for a period of time or you are just starting out, this Recruitment Survival Kit is a necessity when you need to select, recruit, manage and budget for your workforce.

Contents of the Recruitment kit include:

  1. Selecting Employees and Sample Position Description
    Hiring the right people starts with a comprehensive job description.  The position description is critical in helping you define the right skills and people best suited for the job at hand. Use the sample position description to assist you to articulate the competencies you require.

  2. Effective Recruitment Strategies
    Follow these recommendations to help you maximise your chances of snaring the right person for the job.

  3. Interviewing Employees and Sample Interviewing Guide
    A successful interview will reveal the candidate's traits and how these will meet your available positiion objectives. Follow the sample interviewing guide to easily confirm which applicant has the skills and competencies outlined in your Position description. 

  4. Tips for Reference Checking and suggested Reference Check Questions
    It is strongly recommended to conduct reference checks to verify your short listed candidates with their previous employers. Use our selection of reference check questions to seek more information on your candidates and allow you to make an informed decision to choose the right applicant.

  5. Managing and Retaining Employees
    A good manager knows their staff by monitoring and observing job performance on an ongoing basis. Being a successful manager means making sure you have a solid team that performs at the optimum level.  Follow this guide to achieve these results.


Invest in a copy of the HR/Recruitment Survival Kit today to ensure that you hire the right person for your business.

Note: The kit will be available for immediate download following payment.