Introducing the Future Scientist Program

Purpose of the program 

  • Supporting scientists into industry
  • Increasing the awareness of KSR within the scientific community
  • Partnering with local Colleges and Universities
  • Offering exceptional help to our customers for a reasonable rate

Target audience 

  • Colleges / Universities, Professors and Career Advisors
  • Science students looking for work during semester break or part time during the year
  • Science students on a sandwich course looking for a year internship
  • Local companies with scientific needs

Benefits to colleges 

  • Gain a reputation for having well prepared students ready for industry
  • Increase awareness on industry needs through KSR and student feedback
  • Giving something back to the science community
  • Enhance collaboration between industry and academic research labs

Benefits to students 

  • Give students the opportunity to gain hands on experience
  • Increase their marketability
  • Increases pay rate upon graduation
  • Begin industry networking
  • Work with leading scientists
  • Build your CV

Benefits to customers 

  • Exceptional help at discounted rates
  • Enables companies access to top students who may return to the organisation upon graduation thus reducing their recruiting costs
  • Customisable to your company needs
  • Complete a special project
  • Bring new prospective to an old challenge
  • Begin a long-term recruiting strategy
  • “Preview” employees before you hire them
  • Increase company reputation on college/university campuses
  • Create a positive community image

Download the Future Scientist Program flyer. 

Find out more about the program by contacting your local KSR branch.